With the principle of establishing a cooperation based on trust, we act with meticulousness and absolute efficiency in all of wholesale or design, procurement, planning, production, control and logistics operations.




By the flexibility of adjusting the creations according to the needs in a short amount of time, Lyre Textile can provide the supplies fashioner clothes with factory pricing, fast delivery and affordable shipping costs. By putting the customer satisfaction in to our priority, we care about long-term cooperation.

High-quality women's clothing, children's and baby clothing

High-quality women’s clothing, children’s and baby clothing advantageous prices without coming to Turkey and we provide the opportunity to be able to provide fast service. We care about customer satisfaction and with our long-term cooperation principle, we always provide a trade policy beside our customers. With our minimum quantities and maximum advantages, we are proud to be a supplier preferred by boutique owners.

We are pleased to see you in our sales

We are pleased to see you in our sales network that extends to a wide geography such as Poland, Belgium, Ukraine, Russia, Romania, Greece, England, Iran, Algeria, Egypt, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Morocco, Dubai.

We provide fast delivery in case of the short supply.

For the products whose stocks are out in the season, we offer the opportunity to produce and supply the products in a short time according to the order quantity
In addition to our own brand, we make contract manufacturing contracts with local brands for the order-based productions. We adopt timely delivery and superior service quality as the principle of our company.

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